Wolf Tide - Spoke The Words *Music Premiere*

Wolf Tide - Spoke The Words *Music Premiere*

A beautiful new single from Sydney indie-tronic duo Wolf Tide.

We get sent so much music every day it can actually get really overwhelming from time to time, but due to the constant influx of new music from all over the world - we get to hear some amazing music. Today we're premiering this single from Sydney two-some Nick Lynar and Rob Taylor, AKA Wolf Tide. They've had some early demos kill it in the triple j Unearthed charts in the past, and they're now in the process of polishing off a six-track EP.

Spoke The Words is the lead single from that upcoming release, and as alluded to at the start of this post, while there's so much good music coming out it makes it even more awesome when a song cuts through. Spoke The Words cut through for us in a big way. Fans of The Kite String Tangle will love it, and the pleasing new wave of not just producers - but those who can add a "singer/songwriter" to their bow - is taking Australian electronic music into very aurally pleasing places. The delicate, sparse and swelling production, combined with Taylor's ethereal vocals made me realise that drowning in a sea of new-music emails is okay, because there's some incredible music out there - and this is one example of it:

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