Do Sniffer Dogs Actually Work?

Do Sniffer Dogs Actually Work?

Friendlyjordies pulls apart the whole sniffer dog method of finding drugs, fact by fact.

If you don't know comedian Friendlyjordies and aren't happy with our current government - you are in for a special treat. Fond of posting quite scathing whilst also hilarious "internetty" short videos tearing down various establishments, they actually do a pretty good job of offering up a few laughs while also being fairly fact-based and somewhat educational.

This week he's turned his attention towards something that affects a lot you hooligans in the music festival game - sniffer dogs. Notorious for romping around the front gate at music festivals making things not very fun for the poor stoner hippy who failed to wash his hair that morning, it's been a constant source of debate - generally centred around refusals to look at ANY OTHER options to tackle the issue of drugs at music festivals.

The main part of the argument is hilarious as it is depressing - with police departments saying on one hand that increased sniffer dog presence is helping deter people from taking drugs to festivals, whilst a month later saying they're frustrated with the increasing numbers of people taking drugs to festivals ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

H/T: Stoney Roads

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