View From The Pics: Tay Kaka

View From The Pics: Tay Kaka

A new series giving you some behind the scenes access to our fave young photogs.

Welcome to View From The Pics, a new series inviting some of our favourite photographers to document some of their life. We send 'em a bunch of options of things to shoot, they go out and shoot, and we publish them. To get the ball rolling we've kept it in-house with the dude who normally manages the video side of things over here, Tay Kaka, who also devised the idea for this series. So check out some snaps and stories below, and follow him on INSTAGRAM.

VFP Tay 01 Your Ride

Lake Monger with screw drivers stabbed in the ground to hold my beast up. Used to ride around this as wee nugget, pleasant isn't it how life moves in circles?

VFP Tay 02 Your Homie

Recently went to the Porongurups for my dad's 60th. I like to think he's my homie.

VFP Tay 03 Your Bae

Couldn't choose so had to put both of them in. He had just demolished a Yoghurt Sundae at Furbaby dog cafe in Balcatta.

VFP Tay 04 Light

View from the Bluff Knoll. For two hours we could not see a single thing with thick cloud cover, then finally on the way back down the sky parted her ways.

VFP Tay 05 Something Empty

Albany Anzac Musem feat. Sister Amy over from Melbourne.

VFP Tay 06 Yourself

Yours truly. I'll be selecting a new photographer to show you parts of their life every fortnight. Keep watching and hope you enjoy :)