Text Message Interview: NLV x Swick

Text Message Interview: NLV x Swick

In a world first, Nina Las Vegas and Swick text msg interview each other, from the same room.

Nina Las Vegas's NLV Presents: International Edition (can't believe it wasn't called Foreign Bangers) is fast approaching, with the first show hitting the clubs Friday 10 October in our neck of the woods. You can check all of the dates for it after you scope this little text message interview between the hostess and special guest Swick, he who is responsible production-wise for that little JLo/Iggy joint that's been doing the rounds lately. Ain't no thang. This little interview also reveals who else Swick has been working on tunes with...

NLVxSWICK txtmsg 1

NLVxSWICK txtmsg 2

NLVxSWICK txtmsg 3

NLVxSWICK txtmsg 4

NLVxSWICK txtmsg 5


Head to the NLV WEBSITE for more info/tickets.

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