Guest Selectors - Pomo & Sango

Guest Selectors - Pomo & Sango

Five tracks each from the much-hyped tour buddies.

Before we begin this excursion into the minds of the about-to-kick-off-their-first-Australian-tour duo Sango and Pomo (joined by Stwo - deets HERE), let me first apologise for the photoshop effort above. I'm sure Sango isn't a tiny human compared to Pomo, but I do kinda like how they're looking at each other. We asked them each to give us five tracks they're vibing on at the moment, and as was expected from the eclectic beatsmiths, their selections are varied and awesome. Enjoy them below and skip down the bottom to see where they're playing on a tour that kicks off tonight in Adelaide:


The way the production compliments the verses is amazing. The tempo is prefect. It has this bounce to it. Just the whole track is heavy.

I was in the car with Atu and Dpat, and they showed me this song and I was just blown away. The singing is hard to make out, but it fits. The quirkiness of the the song is what makes it so interesting. Such a good one.

This track is just so tough to me. I love it even more because he's from the Seattle/Tacoma (my hometown) area. Lyrics are on point. Production is on point.

This song is the most 'out there' song on this list, but I love it. Young Thug is such a character with his songs and this one really is charismatic. It's clearly a cover of The Language by Drake, which makes me like it even more.

I literally had this song on repeat and played it back to back five times when I first heard it. It's great from the chords, to the drum work at the end, and to the great lyrics. Louie Lastic did his thing on the production and Gold Link brought it as well.


When I first heard this track I was just blown away by the lush synths. I heard it for the first time live at his show and was obsessed.

I thought this was a really cool track choice to cover and obviously Tame Impala killed it. Those chords/melody with Tame Impala’s vibe is perfect.

This whole album is fantastic. This track in particular really stood out to me. That bassline and arp/chords. Wow.

This track is insanely funky. My buddy Walla P who's a sick DJ in Montreal played this in one of his sets and I was dancing my ass off. I made an edit of it to play at shows and stuff.

Azymuth has been my summer jams lately. Chill Brazilian jazz/funk. Great music to walk around in the sunshine to.


May 30 - Cats, Rocket Bar, Adelaide | TIX: on door

Jun 1 - The Bakery, Perth | TIX 

Jun 4 - The Wall, Auckland | TIX: on door

Jun 5 - The Wall, Christchurch | TIX

Jun 7 - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney | TIX

Jun 8 - The Operatives 10th Birthday, Revolt, Melbourne | TIX

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