Premiere: Get around the silky smooth lo-fi house stylings of Newcastle's Soul Wun

Premiere: Get around the silky smooth lo-fi house stylings of Newcastle's Soul Wun

He's launching his new EP 2291 this Saturday at The Family Hotel this Saturday.

Soul Wun is a dude from Newcastle who hit us up out of the blue recently to show us some of the tunes he's been dabbling with lately, and we were pretty instantly hooked. Packing some very vibey, soulful, at times shuffling lo-fi house tunes that are just gagging for a late night toe tap, we were particularly enamoured with his new EP 2291, released via the cool cats at

Well fast forward to today, and with a launch show going down at The Family Hotel in Newcastle tomorrow night, we're stoked to premiere that EP today, and help you get to know Soul Wun a little better below:

Tell us about yourself?

I’m 20, moved to Newcastle in December last year for uni. I grew up in Victoria and was surrounded by hip hop from a young age and have been pretty obsessed with music since then. Not really playing music or whatever just exploring different genres and styles, I only really started making music a few years ago.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

Left field, raw house I think describes it best. Occasionally jazzy, often deep. I’m influenced mostly by hip hop and real house, so I feel that kind of ghetto sound and quality comes through. It’s all about the depth and the funk which I’m yet to master.

Production/ writing process:

I use Logic and a Korg Microkey. So pretty basic, but I’m used to it so it’s nice. My tracks are often sample heavy and very percussive – but I try to sample in a way that explores or accentuates my understanding of the track rather than just throwing 909’s over someone else’s music. I stopped sampling for a while for that reason, as well as to focus on progressing instrumentally – but it’s just way too much fun.

Can you tell us about your new EP?

2291 is the Merewether postcode (haha). I just moved out of home and into a ghetto as share house and these tracks are kind of the result of that. It’s punchy, jazzy, gritty and pretty deep and is basically an exploration of predominant moods or feelings I’ve been subject to lately - I’m happy the legends are getting behind it. The EP is pretty much a summary of the last few months which have been weird as, but it serves as a reminder to keep on dancin' with ya loved ones – old and new.

Any shows coming up?

Yeah, we are actually throwing a launch party for the EP at The Family Hotel here in Newcastle (big ups Forbes & Moony). Other than that, I’ve been welcomed into the Body Vice crew so I’ll be getting down with those boys every other Saturday.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

A friend and I are discussing a possible house night in Newcastle – just throwing ideas around but if all goes to plan it’ll be sick. I played at Liberatus 003 [now SHED:] the other night - which is a sick event organised by legends, so summer events are being discussed which I’m way too keen for.

Other than that, just producing as much as I can and hopefully not failing uni (haha). The scene moves so fast so hopefully releasing another few tracks or even another EP by the end of the year with another of my favourite labels.

Where can we hear more of your music?

All of my previous and forthcoming releases are/will be on my SoundCloud page. It’s just so convenient and it’s a sick platform to get your stuff heard in the house scene. But – my tracks are also on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp – absolutely everywhere.

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