KENZO made an awesome all-girl Japanese biker gang film.

KENZO made an awesome all-girl Japanese biker gang film.

Soundtracked by the guy who did the music for anime classic AKIRA.

French fashion label KENZO is the baby of a Japanese designer, Kenzo Takada - the label’s gone back to its Japanese roots in its latest promotional film, drawing on a classic Japanese folk tale for inspiration. The epic, attention-grabbing short flick, shot in Kamakura, Fujisawa and Tokyo and directed by Duo Partel Olivia, is called Sun to Sun, and is an all-girl retelling of the folk tale Momotarō, about a demon-fighting boy (Momoko – 'peach boy') who came to earth inside of a giant peach.

The eerie 2016 Kenzo version is a mix of live action and anime, and follows lead character Momoko and her crew of anime-inspired Harajuku queens (cast from the pages of Japanese street-style mag, Fruits) and bikers as they adventure through a neon-lit city, swinging bats, and rocking serious style. It's all soundtracked by legendary Japanese music collective Geinoh Yamashirogumi (the guy behind the music in AKIRA). 

It's not the first time Kenzo has ventured into filmmaking - they also made a fantasy film to launch their collection last summer - Snowbird – that featured Mad Max: Fury Road actor Abbey Lee. 

Watch it below.

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