Pornhub introduces BangFit, which all in all is pretty self-explanatory

Pornhub introduces BangFit, which all in all is pretty self-explanatory

But this hilarious animated video is essential viewing.

Pornhub, like all the rest of us, is acutely aware of how dread-inducing treadmills, exercise bikes and *gulp* squat racks appear. So, being the charitable bunch that they are, and have been for many centuries, Pornhub have formulated a brand new fitness craze that we can all get behind. Or on top of... Or beneath? It doesn’t matter, the point is yes, we are talking BangFit by Pornhub, the new hit fitness craze that all the gyms don’t want you to know about. Eliminate that flabby bicycle tire clinging to your waistline today and embrace BangFit, beginning with the blissfully helpful, Kurzgesagt-style instructional video below. Feel free to thank us later!

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