Rising UK R&B star Kamal. unveils two new singles, about the party / autopilot

Rising UK R&B star Kamal. unveils two new singles, about the party / autopilot

The two singles come as a follow-up to break-out work shared earlier in the year, including the stand-out single homebody.

For someone who was only just becoming known this time last year, London-based teenager Kamal. has been quick to make 2020 his break-out year. At the tail-end of last year, he shared two singles - decline and smilidingdownthephone - which seemingly introduced the 18-year-old as a special addition to the UK's growing R&B world, tipped to be one of the acts to keep an eye on in the year ahead.

He's been quick to live up to those expectations too, with his 2020 single homebody (which arrived a few months ago now) being a breakthrough moment for Kamal. which brought the slickness of some of London's most notorious R&B stars - Ray BLK, NAO, Connie Constance and Ella Mai for example - with a distinct, Kamal.-branded twist which kept things unique. It was an out-of-the-park hit too; a slow-stirring blend of swelling instrumentation that formed an underlay for Kamal.'s dreamy vocal, which moves with this elegance that really stands tall amongst the crowded R&B world.

The track - and its follow-up, blue - have taken off, throwing Kamal. into the depths of the next generation and the future stars that are included amongst that - a place he hopes to cement with the release of two new singles, about the party / autopilot. They're two tracks that really solidify Kamal.'s strengths, doubling down upon the talent showcased with his earlier work with an evolution that throws it into new directions, showing versatility and range as it goes. 

The first, about the party, is a reflection on the feelings of FOMO from Kamal.'s life, recollecting experiences of not wanting to be social, but doing so anyway due to the feelings of validation and self-worth that are attached to them. Musically, it's a song that dances with its swaying melodies and snapping percussion, further exploring that lo-fi-but-upbeat contrast in Kamal.'s work but in a way that feels removed from what we've already heard - a testament to his ability to take things one step further with his work every time.

Autopilot shows yet another edge, with a twinkling production and echoing vocals combining in a way that feels a touch more subtle compared to the song before it, until a rich tapestry of percussion makes itself known for the single's choruses. This time around, Kamal. continues his retrospective thinking, speaking of "zoning out during an intoxicated journey home on a night bus and feeling detached from previous anxieties" in what's a follow-up to the song before it not just in sound, but in theme too.

It's a wonderful two tracks that really highlights Kamal.'s strength in his craft, and you can take a dive into the two tracks below, alongside a video clip for about the party.


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