Premiere: Perth duo HANZO put their signature spin on TWERL's Reverse

Premiere: Perth duo HANZO put their signature spin on TWERL's Reverse

And get to know the pair behind the banger and what they have planned.

HANZO are a recently new name to Perth's heaving bass scene, but they're already doing some pretty exciting things. They've already released two impressive remixes (with this one being their third), before teasing a bit of a different sound on last month's Downers. Today they return, taking TWERL's heaving single Reverse for a spin with an action-packed remix. The remix is fiery from the get-go, combining the single's leading vocal line with a charging production that pulses with an energetic bass line and roaring synth. It's quite a high-energy affair from a still rather small, emerging name. So, to get to know the boys behind the banger that little bit better, we sent them a couple of Q's which you can check out below, while you listen to their relentless TWERL remix, of course.

Tell Us About Yourself:

Brodie: I grew up in Mandurah with Tye, we've known each other for over 10 years which is strange because we never socialised until he started DJing the same events as me last year. I got into DJing when I was 16 and I started producing when I was 17, after I left school I studied electronic music production and have been doing it ever since. The whole Hanzo thing was really just a drunk decision on a night out, but despite being hungover the next day we jumped in the studio for fun, our first real released was our remix of Luude's track Sooo about 3 months later which he really liked and helped us break into the Perth scene I think.

Tye: I’ve always loved music even since I was little, I used to be super into hip-hop, but as I got older I started to explore more genres and eventually landed in electronic music, which I loved because it was so different and there were endless possibilities. I started DJing and producing when I was 18, learning mostly from Youtube tutorials. I’ve known Brodie for a really long time but we only became close when we started DJing together last year. One time after a gig we’d played he just turned to me and said “wanna make music together” and we just went for it.

What's the vibe music wise?

This was always a challenge for us, as much as we want to write bangers and play high energy shows we also want to be able to experiment and do things that aren't being over done already. The general idea was to remix heavy and write more creative originals, this will hopefully give us the best of both worlds by allowing us to maintain creativity and originality while not limiting ourselves to any specific genre.

Production/writing process?

There's really no specific process, most of the time we just bounce ideas off each other until we finally land on something we both dig. Sometimes we go into the studio with an idea and build off that but usually, it's just trial and error.

Can you tell us about your remix for TWERL?

We really loved the direction the TWERL boys took with Reverse, especially since their other work is much more club and festival orientated. We decided to hit them up and ask if we could put our own spin on it, they were super keen and sent us the stems the same day, I think we finished that track that week and have been sitting on it ever since. We're stoked to finally put it out, we tried to keep the same minimalistic approach they took but still making it somewhat heavy.

What's the rest of the year have in store?

Music, a lot of it. We're sitting on a variety of stuff so it's really just timing at the moment. We have a few shows coming up, we're closing down Artillery at Metro City next weekend which is gonna be wild.

Where can we hear more of your music?

At the moment you can find all our released stuff on SoundCloud, but as our new stuff is put out it will be available in all the usual places (iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify etc). Besides that, just come watch us play.


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