Text Message Interview: Pat Stevenson

Text Message Interview: Pat Stevenson

AKA Hobogestapo AKA Hobopat AKA Hobophonics AKA legend.

In an effort to take a break from invading the personal phone space of musicians, we thought who else could we annoy that could send us some visual gold that isn't just emojis? The answer was obvious, and we jumped on the phone with Pat Stevenson AKA Hobopat, part of the Hobogestapo Photography Collective and also Hobophonics DJs. With an uncanny knack for documenting the best (and worst) of nightlife around the country, he's also joins the likes of Peking Duk and RUFUS on tours and festivals around Australia to peek behind the scenes of your favourite Aussie music celebs. Needless to say, dude's got some stories, and some fucking killer photos.

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