CARMADA Text Message Interview

CARMADA Text Message Interview

Bangers and bung eyes with Carmada.

We hope you enjoy this text message interview with the slightly-longer-haired half of bass music bros Carmada. Since officially joining forces last year as Carmada, Max Armata (Yahtzel) and Drew Carmody (L D R U) have been absolutely killing it. Their debut single Maybe is probably gonna poll quite damn well in the upcoming triple j Hottest 100, and their debut EP Realise very much caught the attention of one Sonny Moore, known to most as Skrillex, who opted to release via his OWSLA label (but the EP HERE). Basically, 2014 was huge, and 2015 is shaping up to be twice as large, and we caught up with Yahtzel towards the end of last year to try and get our heads around a crazy few months, discuss new shorts fashion, and also take the opportunity to share candid photos of L D R U's bung eye. WA kids will get the chance to throw down with Carmada on an island at CASTAWAY, Sunday 15 February - details HERE.

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