Premiere: Australia's fresh pop face Johnny Manuel shares new single, Lost In The Music

Premiere: Australia's fresh pop face Johnny Manuel shares new single, Lost In The Music

The Sydney-based musician carves a striking sound with his new single, which bridges the worlds of pop and R&B.

Australia's pop landscape is amongst the healthiest its been in years at the moment, largely thanks to an exciting next generation of musicians constantly moving the scene and its sound forwards - something we've paid attention and pointed out quite a bit over the last year. Johnny Manuel is another example of that, who with the release of his new single Lost In The Music this week, introduces himself as yet another genre-bending and forward-thinking musician; one that captures the heart of homegrown pop at its most authentic and catchy.

Over the last year, the world has gotten to know the Sydney-based musician and his sound through television, but with the premiere of Lost In The Music today, it feels like you're receiving the first fully-fledged dose of Johnny Manuel's brilliance and the artistic vision that it builds from. It's a striking moment that captures everything that makes him such a force to watch, from the nods to his church choir background and the musicianship that he built early on, right through to his eclectic current-day music taste, which informs the genre-mixing of his own work too.

Lost In The Music shows all of that brilliantly, taking a high-flying pop sound and mixing it with shades of R&B, soul and gospel - edges that bring nods to Johnny's past and how, despite how much he's grown, it continues to have a lasting effect on his music. In saying that, he does it in a way without taking away from the anthemic and upbeat nature that the single's pop sound naturally brings to it - a combination that together, paves the way for a bright future.

"The idea for Lost In The Music came together really quickly - we created a story of a couple who had been arguing right before getting to the club but once they got inside it was dark and the music drowns out everything around them," he says on the single, which premieres on Pilerats today ahead of its official release this Friday, March 19th. "Lyrically the song is inspired by finding your way back to love, and musically I wanted it to capture the energy and nostalgia of roller skating as a kid."

You can take a dive into the single below, and keep your eyes and ears glued for more to come - Johnny Manuel is one to watch in 2021.

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