Miss Blanks' This B**** is a nostalgic, G-funk paradise

Miss Blanks' This B**** is a nostalgic, G-funk paradise

Produced by Dugong Jr, the single is a welcomed curve-ball from arguably Australia's most exciting rapper.

Since meeting her over a year ago now, Brisbane-based rapper Miss Blanks has become one of our favourite hip-hop names. From bold moments of club-centric confidence in Clap Clap and Freq U to the sexual, BDSM-inspired Good Good D (plus collaborations with everyone from OKENYO and Moonbase to Brisbane newcomer Val Flynn), everything Miss Blanks has done in her rapid rise has oozed with uniqueness and unpredictability; the rapper keeping you on your toes and she twists and turns between styles just as you start getting comfortable. She's also one of Australia's most important, as we pointed out when she released Good Good D earlier this year: "Over the last year, the Brisbane-based musician has continually spoken out about a wide array of topics crucial to music and society - racism, transphobia and misogyny among them - using her commanding presence and platform in Australian music to educate, support and call-out others," we said. "It's not something she should have to do, but it's making her a crucial and essential name (one that should be applauded and celebrated) that is much, much more than her music."

Her latest single offers another unexpected curveball, with Miss Blanks teaming up with Australian producer Dugong Jr for a vintage, Californian-inspired single that'll throw you back to the G-funk days of Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre's partnership, edging with a unique, Miss Blanks twist that keeps it from sounding out-dated. It's arguably her best - and most accessible - song yet, with the rapper effortlessly gliding above Dugong Jr's slow grooves and deep bass. On the surface, it's one of her funnest and most care-free too, "I hate this bitch!" she says in the song's chorus amongst ad-libs that range from "yeah!" to "gurrrrl". However, as expected, it's a touch deeper than you expect. "This Bitch reclaims a term traditionally used against women and femmes, turned 180 degrees upon the cis white men who subjugate, gaslight and change narratives for their own self-serving purposes," she says on the single. "Society expects women and femmes to be perfect, constantly put on their best faces and be the better person. This Bitch is about the pure pettiness they deserve to have."

Listen to the song below and make sure you catch Miss Blanks at a range of dates that'll take her through to the start of next year, including Brisbane's FOMO By Night, Spilt Milk, and hosting Charli XCX and Banoffee's Brisbane 1999 rave on November 6 - full dates below.

Tour Dates: 

6 Nov – Charli XCX + Banoffee (hosted by Miss Blanks) @ The Flying Cock, Brisbane
10 Nov – City Loop Festival, Melbourne
13 Nov – Channel Tres Support @ Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane
14 Nov – Red Bull Music presented by VICE @ Club 121, Wellington
16 Nov – Red Bull Music presented by VICE @ Neck of the Woods, Auckland
17 Nov – Spilt Milk, Canberra
18 Nov – Channel Tres Support @ Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
4 Jan – FOMO by Night (w/ Nicki Minaj, Lil Pump), Brisbane

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