Listen: Sunny Reyne - Insanity

Listen: Sunny Reyne - Insanity

Check out the new single from Naarm / Melbourne's latest emerging neo-soul artist

A few weeks on from dropping her single Carefully, today Melbourne-based Sunny Reyne returns with the emotional and vibe-laden Insanity. 

As with Carefully, Insanity was produced by Lewis Moody (Zeitgiest Freedom Energy Exchange, 30/70), bringing his jazzy, hip-hop and soul influenced beats with skipping drums, deep chords and sparkling melodies that all serve the purpose of lifting Reyne's vocals to just where they should be - ethereally floating above the mix in a myriad of harmonious layers. 

On the meaning behind the track, Reyne explains “Insanity is about finding your person to lean on in a time of anxiety. In this song, I wanted to focus mostly on vocal layering and the idea of vocals as the main provider of groove, rather than solely relying on instrumentation.”

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