Premiere: Touch Sensitive unveils a funked up new remix of Golding's Alone Together

Premiere: Touch Sensitive unveils a funked up new remix of Golding's Alone Together

The funk king adds his Midas funk touch on his second remix of the year thus far.

While he may have dropped his debut album Visions was back in 2017 (!!), Touch Sensitive has been anything but quiet in the time since. He's unveiled a couple of hit singles in the last few years - 2018's G.A.L. and 2019's Unconditional - alongside his four-track 36th Level EP in 2019, which stripped things right back to showcase Touch Sensitive's disco-indebted roots. He's also been behind a tonne of remixes, and if you throw in the odd co-write here and there - like his work on Genesis Owusu's debut album, for example - and it becomes apparent that he's actually been pretty flat-out. 

2021 has been no different, providing bass guitar on Owusu's aforementioned debut album while also sharing a Pride-themed remix of G Flip's Queen back in February. Now, comes another slice of Touch Sensitive gold in the form of a second remix, this time for Gold Coast-based indie-electronica duo Golding, who we had the pleasure of meeting via their latesxt single Alone. Together. about midway through last year.

The original single was a vibe to start with, following up on their indulgent debut single Weightless World with an 80s-esque combination of shimmering synth melodies that constantly teeters on the edge of being a full-blown club anthem, with the duo having the restraint to keep it a little more subtle instead. "We have so many influences musically, so many that it's hard to really nail it down to a few specific genres," they said on their sound when we introduced them to the world last year. "Overall though we are both always chasing down grooves and melodies that make you feel connected to the song in a real way."

The Touch Sensitive remix of Alone. Together. pushes it into that club world by stripping away that slightly romantic touch the single's vocals added and letting the synth run free, combining it with Touch Sensitive's signature bass licks for a thumping three-minutes-30 full of Touch Sensitive's free-spirited yet refined club energy. It's really fun, and really takes you back to that nostalgic club-funk-esque world that Touch Sensitive really paved his sound in - albeit this time, obviously, moved forwards into a bit more of a 2021 lens.

"Working with Touch Sensitive was a really authentic experience. Being able to meet organically at a festival with friends and connect creatively was a good sign that this remix was going to work out well," says Golding's Matt Bartlem on the remix, which premieres on Pilerats today ahead of its official release later this week. "It demonstrates that there’s a very strong community within the Australian music scene and a sense of comradery in the industry.

"A lot of the time as an artist you’re working on things in the studio but you may not get to connect directly with the artist you’re collaborating with or spend much time with them, so to see this remix come full circle since first meeting Mikey (Touch Sensitive) a year ago is really cool."

Take a dive into the remix below:


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