Introducing Post Depression Makeout Session and their swirly new single, Sleep

Introducing Post Depression Makeout Session and their swirly new single, Sleep

A Perth-based four-piece keeping the psych scene over here alive and well.

After releasing their debut single My Daughter, The Water last year and gaining plenty of fans in the process, Perth four-piece Post Depression Makeout Session are back with another swirling psych odyssey with new single, Sleep. Perth's always been a fertile ground for more psychedelic-leaning bands, and PDMS slide in nicely alongside contemporaries such as Tame and Psychedelic Porn Crumpets. Releasing Sleep with a pleasantly surreal video clip also helps - check it out below along with a little Q&A with the band:

Tell us about yourselves:

We’re four delicious treats that merged into one Christmas trifle when we met at SAE to do audio engineering. We all have different musical backgrounds, including metal, jazz, folk and French house, which has somehow come together to create our sound. Curt, Brady and Shaquille are almost finished up with their sound engineering degrees and Jesse is a youth worker. Post Depression Makeout Session is about experimenting with genres and sound. We’re just trying to make something that we would want to listen to; sexy music for depressed people.

What kinda tunes we talkin'?

Whatever comes out of us at the time. Eventually we’d like to create a discography of eclectic music that revolves around concepts rather than a set genre. We focus more on the themes we’re trying to explore as opposed to trying to marry our songs to a genre.

Writing process:

It depends on the song, but Brady and Shaquille might come up with an idea, structure it and record a rough demo to bring back to the group. Or we’ll have a few loose ideas floating around, and we’ll jam it out as a band to flesh it out into a full song. We record and mix everything ourselves so that we have complete artistic freedom over the sound we’re trying to capture.

Can you tell us about your new single, Sleep?

Shaquille was walking home from the bus and felt like going to sleep, when he heard the entire melody of the song in his head. He recorded it on his phone before bed and then showed us all the next day, where we fleshed it out as a band. It literally is just about wanting to go to sleep, no metaphors in this one.

Any shows coming up?

We’re playing a phenom fundraiser event on March 15 for Floating Mantis. The proceeds will be going to the activists at the forefront of the Stop Adani campaign and we feel super privileged to be able to contribute to that movement. We’ll also be playing a Star Wars edition show at Amplifier on May 4th, and a cheeky Hidden Treasures set in July in our beloved Freo.

What's the rest of the year have in store?

We’re recording two albums and will be releasing two more singles before that happens! Hopefully everyone will be graduating so we have more time and lovin’ to give to the band, and maybe a cheeky tour towards the end of the year.

Where can we hear more of your music?

We just have the two singles out right now, but watch this space for more in the coming months. We’ve got our website up and running so you can find us there or on triple J Unearthed, Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud and wherever else you find ya music!

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