Hayden Davies

Probably sleeping, eating, on the internet, or listening to Carly Rae Jepsen's critically acclaimed third album E•MO•TION.

Charles Douglas

Writer, musician, student. Enthusiast of sweet drum grooves, endless winter drizzle, exotic robe fantasy and cosmic disco weekends.

Alex Paioff

Founder of Pilerats and Made In The Pile. I copied the entire Al Pacino speech from Any Given Sunday in here as inspiration but it's far too long for this limited space.

Fraser Johnson

Head of Pilerats' creative arm Made In The Pile, Fraser also shares an uncanny resemblance to the fuzzy forest creature you know as a wombat.

Liam Oz

I mow everyones lawn and go shopping. And make videos sometimes.

Tay Kaka

I like my toast buttered the instant it pops. I can only eat one weetbix at a time otherwise it gets too soggy. I do pretty impressive skids. And I make videos.

Troy Mutton

The editor for Pilerats.com and Pilerats DJ whenever someone turns their back on the decks for more the a minute. Never answers the phone.


Liam Apter

19, writes about bands. Manages a hip hop group and works as a gardener on the side. Aspirations include having one job.

Pile Rats

A mysterious creature of the night, the Pile Rat is your best friend. It's also the name we throw on group effort blog posts featuring multiple members of the team <3

Guest Writer

Sometimes we get artists, creatives and other people outside of the core group to write words for us, because it's important to cast your net far and wide. These are those people.

Pile News

The Pilerats News Room machine, sometimes serious, sometimes silly, always stuff.

Harrison Kefford

I write about music and Tweet a lot. Also 1/4 members responsible for the “worst looking, yet somehow it went viral” fake Splendour In The Grass 2017 lineup poster.

Debbie Carr

Independent Australian music lover. Serial tweeter of talented local bands and reality TV. Willing to fight anyone who doesn’t think Gwen Stefani’s 2004 album Love. Angel. Music. Baby. is one of the greatest albums of all time.

Emilie Carmona

A 19 year old probably pursuing of too many things. Some of these include music journalism, owning a property in Sydney, and setting one alarm to wake up in the morning. One of these is elusive.

Conor Herbert

Melbourne. Hip hop + pop + rock + music from my angsty teen phase. Full of trivia. ABBA to Yeezy and everything in between.

Kierra Pollock

Full-time wine mum without the kids and a lover of good music chat, you can always find Kierra procrastinating and overthinking all her life choices or making memes on Snapchat.

Greg Corrigan

A lover of Australian and British artists and TV shows with incredible soundtracks. He’ll always get around a good cover and may back it more than the original - might be an Aquarius thing.

James Versluis

With the hair of 1980s James Hetfield, and physique of 2019 Kerry King; James has been listening to all things fast, bleak and heavy since he scratched the Black Flag logo into the neck of his bass guitar at age 14.