Get ready world: Carla Geneve's debut album is coming this April

Get ready world: Carla Geneve's debut album is coming this April

The West Australian icon will release her debut album - Learn To Like It - on April 23rd, and is sharing a new single today to celebrate.

Anyone in Perth would be quick to tell you that Carla Geneve is one of the best musicians we have, and at the end of the day, they're not lying. The Fremantle-raised force has become a shining light of West Australian music throughout the last twelve months, whether it's as someone on-stage playing sold-out headline shows or festivals alike, or whether it's as a keen supporter aiding and empowering the next generation; Geneve being a regular face as shows across the city, and a keen supporter of anyone doing something good for Perth music.

Her debut album has been a long-time coming, with Carla's first-released display of her stark songwriting and brilliant storytelling coming with Greg's Discount Chemist way back in 2018. Since then, she's doubled down on her craft time and time again, growing and evolving herself as she shared singles in the lead-up to her self-titled debut EP in 2019, and again throughout 2020 (Don't Wanna Be Your LoverThe Right Reasons and I Hate You For Making Me Not Want To Leave The City are all amongst the country's best homegrown singles last year, for their respective reasons).

In 2021, that's changing - and the world better be ready. Announced earlier this morning, April 23rd will bring the release of Carla Geneve's long-overdue debut album Learn To Like It via Dot Dash Recordings / Remote Control Records; the ten-track record - which includes Don't Wanna Be Your Lover and The Right Reasons - said to be an intricate snapshot of the Carla Geneve's changing life that's bound to be centred on the really quite gripping and potent songwriting she's consistently presented with her work.

We get another taste of that today too, with the album announcement coming alongside its third tease in Dog Eared - a rich, nostalgic bite that reflects on her past with the roughness and passion that Carla Geneve heavily incorporates into this song, as a bit of a step away from the more subtle emotion she uses in her past work.. "I was driving home one night and I felt so excited and full of energy for music, and I guess life in general. I didn’t really know why but I realised it was because I had been in a room of teenagers playing music with the pure, raw emotion that most people grow out of as you enter adulthood," she says on the single, inspired by her work as a music teacher.

"I had taken some of that recklessness and it felt incredibly nostalgic. I dictated the words to 'dog eared' into my phone. It took me a while to finish the music because I really wanted to get it moving a bit more than my other songs. Capture a bit of that violence that I mostly stay away from on this record."

It arrives alongside an official video by Duncan Wright which you can dive into below, and you can pre-order the record here.

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