We Didn't Come Here To F*** Spiders - A Pilerats Guide To Arcadia Australia

We Didn't Come Here To F*** Spiders - A Pilerats Guide To Arcadia Australia

The 50-tonne spider lands next week, and we're getting excited.

Header image by Ben Daure/Grape Productions

"We didn't come here to f*** spiders" - a true blue Aussie turn of phrase and one that feels very appropriate as there will be no mucking around when Arcadia Australia's 50-tonne spider will be up and running for the first time ever down under at Perth's Elizabeth Quay, for five days of community acitivities, music, dancing, aerial aerobatics, robotics and more for people of all ages. It officially kicks off on November 23 with a couple of community open days, followed by three days of partying with a host of international and national electronic artists and local acts, including some WE EVEN PICKED.

There's a lot to take in, so we've scoured through the Arcadia Australia program for a bunch of things to look out for:

Tickets for the three Arcadia Australia party nights are still available HERE.

arcadia pilerats 2


arcadia indigenous

At the event's heart and essential to the entire experience is the union between the Arcadia Spider and the sacred Wadjuk spider of Garrgatup AKA Kings Park. The Yallorr Keeninyarra is a dance to Garrgatup, traditionally performed at Gumap – an area near Elizabeth Quay. The gathering of men to dance the Yallorr Keeninyarra hasn’t been performed in its traditional form to the public of WA since 1901. The dance will be performed under the Arcadia Spider and asks the Spider Spirit of Garrgatup to weave a web that creates strength and togetherness throughout the Nations. This performance will be by Barry McGuire and family.


There will be two Community Open Days on November 23 and 24, providing wider community a chance to see behind the scenes and get up close and personal with the 50-tonne spider from Glastonbury. The "STEAM AHEAD" days will focus on school kids and younger folk during the day, before opening up to everyone in the afternoons. These are free, and more info can be found HERE.


arcadia acrobats

The Landing Show will see the Spider awaken and unveiling all the creative elements involved in the Spider's effects in a 30-minute show featuring interactive aerial performances, abductions of crowd members, mechanical mayhem and pyrotechnics.

arcadia lightning

The Lords Of Lightning will harness 4 million volts of electricity for one massive visual spectacle, with two giants hurling shards of energy at one another in a choreogrpahed battle drawing on elements of modern dance, martial arts and freestyle performance.


arcadia dna

As you can see in the above graphic, the Arcadia spider has been cobbled together using spare parts from all kinds of machines, from helicopters to log grabbers.


arcadia artists

Across three nights (November 25, 26 and 27), a host of the world's best and brightest electronic acts will be gracing the Arcadia Spider DJ Booth. From old school international favourites like Leftfield, some of Australia's biggest dance commodities like Alison Wonderland and Carmada, right down to some v-fresh young artists who impressed us enough to take the opening slot, there's something for everyone.

Friday night Leftfield brings a special DJ set along with the UK's Shy FX, and they're joined by Loston, Black & Blunt, Kovaxx and Boneflip.

Saturday night hosts the queen of Aus' dance music, Alison Wonderland, promising an exclusive Arcadia DJ set, to be joined by Carmada, Elk Road, Zeke Beats, Luude and Teeth Can.

Sunday night will see Alison Wonderland, Carmada and Elk Road return for an ALL-AGES affair, also joined by Mashd N Kutcher, Michael DB and CALIBR.

Alright, we're done with the sell, head to the Arcadia Australia website to suss tickets for whichever of the three nights tickles your fancy.

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