Watch: Hot Girls Wanted Trailer

Watch: Hot Girls Wanted Trailer

"Every day, a new girl turns 18”. Watch the trailer for a new, Rashida Jones-produced Netflix doco about the amateur porn world.

Now that Parks & Recreation is done and dusted, actress Rashida Jones has put the comedy gags to the side for a moment, to focus on producing a serious project: a new documentary about amateur pornography, called Hot Girls Wanted. We lied – there will still be gags, but they'll be bondage mouth gags, and there’s not much to laugh about when they’re being used on girls still in high school.

The documentary, which was included in the official 2015 Sundance selection, was shot in a cinéma vérité style, which means real people and authentic conversations - so we can expect this to be gritty and real, without the produced/highly edited aspect that's come to characterise reality television. Joining Rashida on the project are directors Ronna Gradus and Jill Bauer, who already have a film under their belts about things going on, erm, under the belt: Sexy Baby examined the relationship between social media and amateur porn.

This isn't the first time a celebrity has delved into the world of pornography via documentaries, last year we wrote about the James Franco-produced KINK: A BDSM DOCUMENTARY (read about that film HERE), although it took a more favourable look inside the world of BDSM pornography, and the people who star in those films.

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Hot Girls Wanted follows five young girls as they enter the industry, learning of their motivations and reservations - from the looks of the trailer the audience then watches the girls as they turn up for these films/photoshoots, and get an insight into the pressures and anxieties of the disturbing demands placed upon them by their directors. There's candid interviews with not only the girls being hired (“It just can’t be good for you to have sex with that many people. It’s so weird that that’s my job.”), but the companies (mostly headed up by dudes) hiring them - said dudes throw out all sorts of chauvinistic pearlers throughout the film’s duration: "The shelf life of a girl? Best case scenario: a year, tops,"... "Every day, a new girl turns 18."

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Hot Girls Wanted has been acquired by Netflix, who are currently streaming it, and you can watch the trailer now:

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