Sticky Fingers' Classiest 13 Moments Of 2013

Sticky Fingers' Classiest 13 Moments Of 2013

We guarantee you Sticky Fingers' 2013 was more batshit insane than yours.

Sticky Fingers have had a pretty great 2013. They released an album, toured the globe and just generally had a really good time. For some idea of how good, bassist Paddy Fingers just sent us their 'Classiest 13 Moments Of 2013', filled with plenty of LOL-worthy photo and video content.

Before you embark on their year that was, know that they'll be getting their sticky fingers all up in Capitol in Perth to celebrate New Year's Eve TONIGHT (tickets HERE), and that the above photo is the group with the legendary Dann Hume (producer) and Nicholas Wilson (engineer) just moments after finishing recording album number two last week in Byron Bay. First single dropping in February 2014. Album due in the summer.



We were unable to find Seamus checking out of a particular hotel in Perth. We eventually found him naked at the bottom of a stairwell with his head through a wall.



This one ended up causing quite a bit of stir last time we were in Perth. During a particularly ruckus festival slot Dizza managed to climb up the scaffolding of the stage despite the several security staff attempting to swipe him down. Losing a tug-of-war game with microphone cable and the guards he stage dived/fell off the roof of the stage and into the arms of the crowd. The festival staff were peeved with the breech of O.H.S and his attitude as they dragged Diz to his arrest around the back. I'm currently writing to you on a plane over for his second court case as well as our NYE show at the Capitol.



Just one month after the Rottnest Island incident, we found ourselves in a similar disposition playing a another festival… on another island, on the opposite side of Oz. After a great show, and some quality local produce, Diz & I found ourselves linked arm in arm, enjoying our hallucinogenic state, reflecting on the previous six-month roller coaster ride of touring. We walked across the sands of a moonlit beach as neon blue plankton glowed across the shoreline. A truly magical sight, with or without goods on board I'm sure. From there we glided through a luscious rainforest, and like moths drifted slowly but surely into a bright light shining on us. We suddenly found ourselves in a starkly contrasting scene of confrontation, with two incredibly aggressive policemen. Their manor and tone felt ridiculous. Dylan and I couldn't help but laugh. And so it goes, the happier we became the more furious they responded. We ended up handcuffed and locked in the back of two separate paddy wagons full-tilt tripping balls. I personally thought i was going to die, I could see Diz in a state of hysteria in the other vehicle. He later told me couldn't stop laughing at the idea of "Paddy in his wagon".



July saw the band pop its Europe cherry. it was one hell of a ride. First stop was Amsterdam and a certain "drummer" in the band was a little too excited. Seamus literally had to snap his credit card in half and throw the thing down the canals. And we still had to drag his bloody and broken corpse across town back to our room. We managed to capture the awakening of the most hung over man of all time.


It was past 3am with a temperature still roaring well over 30 degrees. The band was in the Darwin dry season, and in no mood for sleep. Crabs overheated and carked it a little earlier than the rest. We came home still in the mood, and Beaks came close to seriously hurting poor Crabs in what turned out to be an hilarious bunk bed prank.


Seamus here on this one, Paddy was somewhere face down in the mud for the best of this one. 'Twas the last show of our Euro tour playing a big festival in Holland called Zwarte Cross. Considering it was the last show we decided to have a drink…for something different. Crabs and I ended up partying til dawn with the Ducthies all dressed up as pilots and flight attendants. At around 10am we found a table full of beers and 20 new friends in the volunteers bar. Considering we were driving back to Amsterdam in about an hour or two, I decided to head back to the van for a quick kip. Upon asking Crabs if he cared to join, he replied with his eyes in the roof of his head, that he couldn't waste the beer and was going to stay. I woke up an hour later to Crabs lying in the front seat of the van with blood all over his arm, hand, and face. When he woke for question time, the keyboard sensationalist had no recollection of what happened and only remembers waking up in a bush surrounded by ambulance officers and a crowd of concerned Dutchies. Down the road at the petrol station turns out Crabs was the talk of the town. "What is it you are Aussie guys huh? Because yes, there was one of these guys back there, and my friends say he was dying!".



Seamus here again with Paddy once again unaccounted for. Myself, Crabs, Beaks and our stinky friend Jack Rule (son of Dan Rule) were heading home in the early hours of a beautiful Amsterdam sunrise. Climbing into a cab we found our driver in hysterics as he engaged enthusiastically to the other end of his phone. He hung up and proceeded to tell us with great excitement/intense fear that the customer before us had asked him to mind his bag while ducking inside to a house. The bloke never returned. With wide eyes he said "I show you what he leave mun, i show you, I cannot believe this mun!". He then produced a kilo's brick worth of an unknown substance. "But I don't know what to do mun. What it is, do you think you could tell me?". And being the good samaritans that we are our backseat party didn't hesitate to sample the flavours. Next thing we knew we were fucking scarfacing this brick as we wound through the streets of Amsterdam while the cabbie repeatly yelled a variation of "I'VE SEEN SOME CRAZY SHIT MUN, BUT NEVER THIS CRAZY". I still wonder what happened to that cab driver.



Paddy managed to walk across a ceiling during a crowd surf in Hobart.


On our first night in Lille our very charismatic French booking agent "Gigi" wooed us by taking the group to one of the many hilarious Down under Aussie bars strewn across Eastern Europe. The bar staff were that chuffed with hosting a group of genuine Aussies in the joint they made the common mistake of providing us an unlimited bar tab. Beaks ended up meeting a group of chavs out the front, and convinced them to lend their bike for a short ride. I (Paddy) was down the road getting smokes as everybody's favourite drummer boy came whizzing past me in a whir of red-faced charm. Basically crash tackling him off the bike (with no hint of its backstory), I took off into the night in my own state of wonder in the new and exciting town. Down the road I had no idea how to react when I was approached by three very pent up chavs. It was loud the abuse in my direction, but unfortunately unclear seeing as I don't speak a word of French. From my perspective they jacked me for poor old Beaks hire bike, so I "heroically" gathered my lads for a fight to get it back. Just as it was about to come to blows Beaks came stumbling around the corner and cleared up a situation that could have turned real ugly. C'est la vie.



2013 saw the band continue a prolific effort to slam out as many film clips time could afford us. The beginning of the year we shot Australia Street (check it down the bottom), simply by inviting all our mates to Camperdown Park with the promise of free booze. From there we filmed a single take starting at our friend Jezza's on Church St and ending up at the DMA's mansion on Buckland. Later in the year was a bag of laughs when we wrote, edited and directed the cockbuster of a clip that is Freddy Crabs (also down below). We pretty much went and stayed at a holiday house on the central coast for three days, got drunk, and fulfilled our Monkey Magic/Power Rangers childhood dreams. The Sticky ranch over in Croydon Park also turned out to be a very popular place for band shoots this year. These include Dune Rats' Red Light, Green Light (GREEN VERSION), Kingswood's Ohio (which Stickies also APPEAR IN), The Hollow Bones' HOT PRESS, & our very own Clouds & Cream (bottom).


We played our most successful show in Newcastle this year, at a very unique venue that lives inside an eccentric gay bar. The two haunts were clearly separated under the one roof, though that didn't stop us from having a hell of a time with both. After the show we partied with the local gang of cross dressers. Really fun company they were, as they dazzled us on a tinsel stage of karaoke dreams! When the pub closed we invited our new friends to our living quarters upstairs as it was all too funny to let the night end. In a drunken vigour, Seamus and I attempted to cook for everyone and nearly burnt down the fucking building. Smoke alarms and all, the venue was evacuated, and the party was over.



All five members of Sticky Fingers have been employed in some way shape or form by the one and only Annandale Hotel. The publicans AKA the infamous Rule Brothers really took us under their wing and have become like family over the years. Over a decade of dealings with a cunty council and Nazi neighbours in combination with their never-ending support of live music eventually brought our dear friends to bankruptcy. Early this year the place held a spontaneous secret after hours lock out party which turned out to be one of the loosest nights of all time. And the last of its kind for what is, and I'm sure will remain in our hearts, our favourite place in the whole world.

It is the bane of our existence. Beaks, Crabs, Seamus, and mine that is. The below footage is from the morning of Australia Day trying to get old mate up. He was particularly cranky because he had broken his arm the night before and he didnt know that when we started jumping on his bed, shaking him, etc. he ended up wrapping up the arm in a rag, doing the show, and taking out number 61 in the Hottest 100.

Jesus christ...

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