Is Dan Bilzerian Actually James Bond?

Is Dan Bilzerian Actually James Bond?

Photographic evidence that the dude everyone loves to hate is actually a super spy.

Love him or hate him it’s fair to say that Dan Bilzerian has joined the growing list of people that are famous for… Well for the sake of being famous. By this point, if you haven’t seen or heard of his exploits you’ve been under a rock. Or you didn’t pay your Telstra phone bill once again that was roughly $1000 because every fucking thing on your fucking piece of shit smart phone sucks data like a Kraken from the abyss and your home internet got shaped to prehistoric dial-up speeds due to excessive torrents and 4chan.

I digress…

So if you didn’t know, Dan Bilzerian is a: professional poker player and gambler, a trained navy seal, trust fund son of a Wall Street mogul, and a chauvinistic womanising asshole... James Bond, basically. It also appears he gives a whole heap of zero fucks in regards to what other people think of his exploits, as he tosses pornstars off penthouse rooves and discusses his five-day/double heart-attack benders candidly.

Regardless of what side of the fence you sit on, here's some photographic evidence of Dan Bilzerian's super spy status:

He's a womaniser.

DAN Womans

He's a highly trained human weapon...

DAN army

...So it makes sense he loves guns...

DAN guns

...And obviously sports cars.

DAN Cars

Poker is his game of choice (and he never loses).

DAN poker

Did we mention his love of women?

DAN womenspa

You might even say too much.

DAN women

While he flies them around on private planes.

DAN planes

Yes ladies and gentlemen of the jury, as you can see we have thus proven, with irrefutable evidence, that Dan Bilzerian is in fact James Bond, or as we like to call him...

Bondzerian, Dan Bondzerian.


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