Carla Geneve, Good Doogs, DULCIE + more: Covering a stacked month for WA music

Carla Geneve, Good Doogs, DULCIE + more: Covering a stacked month for WA music

Also, get around tracks by Southern River Band and Cruel Noon, who teams up with Your Girl Pho.

Carla Geneve - Yesterday's Clothes

While she's always been a prevalent member of the Perth live music scene, the last twelve months have been particularly impressive for Carla Geneve. The Fremantle musician has become somewhat of an international one-to-watch, building a strong WA presence into something more national, while internationally, she's ended up at SXSW and shows with San Cisco incoming. That, paired with the announcement of her forthcoming, self-titled debut EP for release this Friday, means that June is well and truly #GENEVESEASON, and we have a new single to just further cement it. Yesterday's Clothes, arriving at the start of May, exemplifies Geneve's ability to create moments as intimate as they are open-to-interpretation, with deep lyricism and relatable songwriting making it feel like you can find a home in Geneve's music; perhaps a reason why she's become such a star over the last two years or so. She's come a long way since we named her one to watch in 2018, and we're incredibly glad that out of the lot, she's grown to become one of the more explosive. Carla Geneve is out June 7th.

Good Doogs - How I Feel 

It's no secret that Good Doogs have grown to become one of our favourite local bands in the past few years, with uncomparable live energy and their signature, ruckus-inducing sound putting them to the front of Australia's recent 'surf-rock' explosion. They're currently in the midst of a monumental Australian tour with FLOSSY and SEASIDE - two more of our recent rock favourites - and if that's not enough, they also surprised us with a new single titled How I Feel, which offers a bit of depth to their work thus far. It still highlights their jangly, guitar-driven surf-rock sound, but this time around, it's layered with something a bit more personal and intimate, reflecting on loss and the consuming emotions of both everything and nothing that come with it. It sees them follow a similar blueprint to their single Nobody/Alone - on "anxiety and how it can overwhelm you" - but done with enough growth and evolution that it's obvious that the Doogs are a band to be reckoned with in 2019.

DULCIE - Own Ground

Rising Perth four-piece DULCIE are the newest band in this month's column, but don't underestimate them. Formed not even a year ago, the 'girl band' well and truly arrived with their debut single Fall in the opening few weeks of 2019, finding a bunch of new fans in the triple j crew who have come to spotlight the group in the time since, opening them up to be one of the west coast's most exciting - and promising - new acts to emerge over the last few years. Their new single, Own Ground, cements this. It's another blissful single from the group who effortlessly blend together their vocal harmonies to create brilliance; highlighting each of their three vocalists as they sing and dance above a layered instrumental that contrasts bright chorus hooks with subtle verses. Don't be surprised if they're one of WA's biggest acts this time next year - it's almost a given at this point.

Southern River Band - Chimney

The Southern River Band have to have one of WA music's biggest personalities, but don't let that get in the way of their kick-ass sound. Their energetic and light-hearted approach to stadium-rock is amongst the country's most easily-watchable (our #LiveSession with them, for example, is one of our most-viewed on Facebook), with frontman Cal Kramer offering a unique, party-starting edge to the band as they shred. Their new single Chimney really spotlights this, with larger-than-life guitar riffs and driving percussion forming the backbone of their high-octane new single, which also teases their forthcoming second album Rumour and Innuendo, scheduled for release this August. There's a lot more to come from the band - they don't show any signs of slowing down just yet - but in the meantime, Chimney is a must-listen (also, if they're playing a show near you, consider it a must-attend - their live show is almost incomparable at this point).

Cruel Noon - Slow feat. Your Girl Pho 

WA production duo Cruel Noon are amongst the country's most adventurous. On their 2017 debut EP Midnight Run, the two-piece take their hazy approach to production and inject it with pluckings of other genres - drum 'n' bass' experimentalism, UK garage-inspired percussion, tribal drum lines and intricate (and clever) sampling - something they've evolved and grown alongside in the time since. Their comeback single Slow incorporates all this - and then some - into one track, taking Your Girl Pho's vocal and manipulating it into something dark and mysterious, interpolating Kylie Minogue's iconic Slow into something much more menacing. Underneath, is where Cruel Noon shine. With a six-minute duration giving them plenty of room to move, the duo move between different soundscapes; glitching synth melodies and layering percussive pulses as they experiment one on of Australia's best songs.

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