Sticks + Stones wedding by Janneke Storm

Sticks + Stones wedding by Janneke Storm

Their Las Vegas shotgun wedding makes other weddings look lame and hackneyed



Again, Sticks + Stones is a fashion agency run by the. raddest. couple. ever.

Ainsley Hutchence and Sebastien Fougere represent brands like Beach RiotFirst Base, and Ksubi. Their tumblr is a tab you won't close. And their Las Vegas shotgun wedding makes other weddings look lame and hackneyed. (The irony?)

Ainsley's silver sequined dress was designed by Alex Mearing, an Australian designer who's got me anxiously waiting for her next project. Sebastien's suit is from ASOS, hat from lack of color. And the whole shebang was captured by the brilliant Janneke Storm.


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Sticks + Stones WEBSITE

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