Miranda Kerr by Sebastian Faena

Miranda Kerr by Sebastian Faena

Miranda Kerr emulating '80s Italian porn star Cicciolina for V Magazine is okay by us.

She is a babe. We know that. We also know that Miranda “I gave birth two days ago and look fab” Kerr wears lingerie like normal people wear sweatpants from Kmart. In this video shot and directed by Sebastian Faena for V Magazine the super-duper model portrays the Italian porn star Ciccolina. The blonde bombshell was, in the 80’s the leader for Italy’s Party of Love. She must have been a hell of freedom fighter, Cicciolina even offered to have sex with Iraq’s shitty dictator Saddam Hussein, if he promised her peace on the planet. Bet it took his advisors an awful lot of hard work to not make him jump on that offer.

The fashion in this little video is done by Julia von Boehm, and she really does make the whole “naughty yet innocent farm girl” style work. Lace, white fur and flowers make the perfect inspiration for a summer on the countryside. Just jump in the hay and let the magic happen. Must say though that Miranda looks better as a brunette, but the lack of brown locks is completely weighed up by the cows.

Image via Highsnobiety.com

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