Alone With: Lucy

Alone With: Lucy

Our crush this week comes in the form of an exclusive video editorial shot by us, for us (and you, of course).

I bought a hard drive once - her brand name was Lacie (I don't have cars or boats so I give my technology female gender roles). I renamed that drive from Lacie to Lucy immediately to give it a little personality. I worked off her everyday - so we did end up spending a lot of time together. Lucy recently broke and my world fell down around me. Who the fuck keeps back-ups of their back-up drive? I came to despise Lucy and her orange colour, she could have ruined my life if it weren't for the lovely bearded IT man that retrieved all of my data. Anyhow I took Lucy back and exhanged her for another, I didn't call the new drive Lucy, I called her Lacey, which probably would have made more sense than Lucy in the first place. 

Hump Day Exclusive Lucy 1

Hump Day Exclusive Lucy 4

Hump Day Exclusive Lucy 6

Hump Day Exclusive Lucy 3

Hump Day Exclusive Lucy 5

Hump Day Exclusive Lucy 7 

Intimates by / @aimeecherie_intimates

Someday a few months back we sat around and decided that we need more beautiful-women-based content on our website (we are a bunch of dudes, with a 2/3 male-female split after all). But not trashy, tacky Zoo kinda girls. And one of the things that came out of that meeting was that the last week of every month we were going to create exclusive content shot by us that you couldn't get elsewhere. This was the first of many to come, and it's perfect.

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Jungles by Michael Tartaglia

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