Jacqui Hunt by Vodkadave

Jacqui Hunt by Vodkadave

Hanging around empty pools with Perth locals Vodkadave and Jacqui Hunt.

The only thing better than a pool full of cool, refreshing water as the summer months start heating up is perhaps an empty one, very inviting for things like that skateboarding, barbeques or putting bands in and having parties around. And while a full pool has been home to many-a photoshoot, this shoot between good friends of the Pile, Jacqui Hunt and Vodkadave, takes full advantage of a very empty pool, in some seriously glorious afternoon light. So here's to empty pools - it doesn't matter if it's water-filled or not, it's the company that counts.

Vodkadave 2inside

Vodkadave 3window

Vodkadave 4insideboob1

Vodkadave 5backbathers

Vodkadave 5sideliner

Vodkadave 6poolpeach

Vodkadave 1butthomage

Vodkadave 8ihavenotits1

Vodkadave 9sunset

Photographer: vodkadave /  @vodkadave

 Model: Jacqui Hunt  / @fear.and.clothing

Makeup: Carly Gilmour - carlygilmour.com 

Photography Assistant: Analeigh Brown / @analeighbrown

Focus: Emily Knecht

An LA-based photographer who'll make you forget summer's almost over.

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