Jacqui by Analeigh Brown

Jacqui by Analeigh Brown

Jacqui aka @fear.and.clothing shot by Pilerat pal Analeigh...

"My husband and I always assist each other on shoots, we both love shooting fashion, but I always find it so hard to sit back and assist and not want to jump in and shoot the ideas that spring into my head as he's shooting. This was actually Dave's shoot that I was styling but I took the opportunities to shoot my own ideas with Jacqui whenever I could. We have such different styles so it was a completely different shoot anyway but I don't think he could complain when he came in and I had her naked for the first shot I did! Haha. Obviously Jacqui is super chilled and easy to work with which was lucky coz we were shooting in a mates empty pool and surprise surprise a whole lot of his buddies rocked up during, not planned at all i'm sure ;)" Analeigh Brown

Analeigh Brown Jacqui 2

Analeigh Brown Jacqui 3

Analeigh Brown Jacqui 4

Model: Jacqui Hunt

Make up: Carly Gilmore

Photography: Analeigh Brown

Styling: Analeigh Brown