'Girl Gang' By Amanda Leigh Smith

'Girl Gang' By Amanda Leigh Smith

Hanging out with Canada-based brand Born A Bad Seed at their new Vancouver headquarters.

Photographer Amanda Leigh Smith recently sent us this rad Lookbook shot for Canadian brand Born A Bad Seed, shot on 35mm on location at the BABS headquarters in East Vancouver. We dig the vibes, and hope you do too. BABS have also recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to help complete the renovation of their historic headquarters and home of the East Side Flea - an important cultural hub for the city of Vancouver. The new space will also be home to a motorcycle shop and 25 artist studios. Check the campaign HERE.

born a bad seed 01

born a bad seed 02

born a bad seed 03

born a bad seed 04

born a bad seed 05

born a bad seed 06

born a bad seed 07

born a bad seed 08

born a bad seed 09

born a bad seed 10

born a bad seed 11

Photography by Amanda Leigh Smith // Instagram: @a_leighsmith

Styled by Alberta Randall

Produced by Jill Whitford for Born A Bad Seed

Models Melanie Kissick / Taylor Gardiner / Becky Goebel

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