Focus: Natalie Yang

Focus: Natalie Yang

A closer look at the work of Los Angeles based photographer Natalie Yang.

I have often found it difficult to live completely in the present moment, leaving me prone to daydreams in which I become stuck in my own head. Photography has, in a sense, turned into a portal for me, between my daydreams and my real life in which I can look through my lens and see the dreamworld in my head as a reality through a frame. I always feel as though I am writing narratives as I shoot my photographs, each frame is a piece of the whole that I string together for myself in ways that blur the lines between my real world and my dream world. I strongly value the anonymity that the camera allows, and I love that I can create nearly anything with a space that already exists. My work provides me with moments of clarity that are sometimes seldom found in my daily routine, moments that are so important to my life and my vitality. 

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