Focus: Matthew James

Focus: Matthew James

Get to know the emerging Perth-based music photog Matthew James.

Name: Matthew James

Location: Perth, Western Australia

Play by play of my weekend just gone:

Aside from worrying about eerily approaching uni assignments, I had a 19 hour long wedding day to shoot on Friday which set me to a slow start on Saturday. I met up with a client in the morning discussing a wedding in December that goes over two days, which will be an exciting challenge. Then headed home to the studio and edited photos from a modelling shoot for EKAY Collective and Ivy & Isabel which I was looking forward to since shooting it - it was such a unique and fun shoot in a beautiful overgrown forest! Then had a quick recharge for a shoot at the Grand Bar & Bistro at 8pm for a new night they’ve just opened up, headed over to Amplifier at 10pm to shoot my friend’s band 'Anna O' that were doing a farewell concert before they shoot off to Melbourne which was chilled and great fun, after that finished up I walked over to The Lost Society Bar to shoot the nightclub ‘Chalk' for an hour, then headed home for a well deserved sleep! Sunday’s hideous weather made it easy to edit and submit all the photos from the previous night and then headed over to a client’s house to deliver a wedding video and photos that I’ve been working on and went through those pieces with her, as I drove home I picked up photos from one of my assistants that shot a party on Saturday night for me and after uploading those and dealing with all the girls that wanted bad photos of them taken down, me and the girlfriend relaxed to watching the Star Wars complete saga that we’ve been meaning to commit to for ages!

My 5 favourite spots in my hometown (Perth) would have to be: 

1. Greens & Co. in Leederville is the first thing that pops into mind, sitting down with the laptop and working with a coffee or playing pool with the lads in the great vibe is unreal.

2. Backstage! Backstage anywhere is always a blessing no matter where it is, but my local backstage hide out would be down in Capitol’s artist room playing PS3 and having a few brewskies with whichever artist is playing that night.

3. I spend so much time in my car driving to and from shoots and meetings I don’t know what I’d do without it, I love driving. I can’t wait to have saved up enough to get that sexy rexy I’m after!

4. Luna Cinemas in Leeds is wicked, heading over with dad and doing the typical "watch whatever’s on" is great fun and is probably why I’m a film major as well as a photo major at uni.

5. In front of a screen. Mum always tells me to get away from them and used to try and push me outside as much as possible but it never worked (sorry mum), whether it be in front of my Xbox playing GTA escaping the real world or in front of the computer working on photos or thinking up new business or creative projects that’s definitely where I thrive.

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