Focus: Ian & Erick 'Floating Bits'

Focus: Ian & Erick 'Floating Bits'

We interviewed the Regnard bros. about their beautiful new exhibition.

Showing at Linton & Kay Galleries (Perth) from April 9-23, WA-via-Mauritus photographer brothers Ian & Erick Regnard will be showing their beautiful new works in the exhibition, Floating Bits. Shot on Niue, a Pacific Island east of Tonga made entirely out of limestone, meaning when it rains the impurities are filtered from the water, making it crystal clear for 60-100 metres.

In these incredible conditions, the method for shooting is even more amazing - the shots were taken underwater with a mix of a large format 4x5 Polaroid 2ilm and medium format 6x6 2ilm. The large format Polaroid requiring 15kg around the housing to make it sink, and only one shot could be taken at a time.

But enough of our dribble, we'll let Ian explain better:


First up, congratulations on the new exhibition, the shots we’ve seen look great – can you tell us a bit about the shoot, it sounds pretty painstaking?

Thanks for that Troy! Yes it was a little difficult! Not that we thought it would be but when we decided to do this project on 4x5 Large Format Camera, we had no idea about how difficult it was going to be. First we couldn't find anyone around the world that did this before so we had to test and research and come up with solutions to make it work. After six months of R&D we finally bought a camera that with the help of Camera Electronics stripped it down and rebuild it to meet the requirements! We then got a housing done for it but this thing is so big that you need 15kg around it to make it sink. To top it all you can't see through the camera, you can only shoot one shot at a time meaning each time you have to go back to the boat and reload a film! But despite all of that the shots came out amazing!!

You guys returned to 4x5 Polaroid film – what is it about the medium you guys enjoy tackling the most?

The medium is absolutely beautiful! The short depth of field it creates and also it is not the sort of camera that you shoot nine shots a second! It takes time to set up and the subject needs to be fairly still. We've been shooting a lot in Polaroid Film with this camera and the tone in the film is just great! I like shooting portrait normally with it so to shoot underwater a moving image was a challenge!


Where abouts is the exhibition showing initially, and will you guys be taking it around as well?

The exhibition "Floating Bits" is at Linton & Kay in the City (Perth) and will be showing from the 9-23th of April. We have plans to showcase it in New York, Paris, Monaco and Berlin but are waiting for dates from other galleries.

Can you tell us a bit about the Bad Boys Of Hawaii project you’re working on as well?

Erick took photos for six years on 6x6 medium format and 4x5 large format film of almost all the guys that were part of controlling the surf in Hawaii. From the Da Hui to the modern day Wolf Pack and are in the process of doing a book of just those images. The images are very strong and powerful so I hope people will like it. All taken in Black and white film.


Are you guys still shooting much surf photography/surfing yourselves?

We love surf photography! The freedom of the road and everything in between but it's a hard game now so we concentrate of doing great stuff, fun stuff, drinking and perving!! :) We surf when we can but these days it is very hard as we are very busy!!

Finally what does the rest of the year hold for you?

Well, We definitely want to do some more naked stuff! Underwater again maybe but with a different feel. Maybe again some speed blurry moody stuff! We would love to experiment with wet plates collodion at some stage...


We can't implore you enough to check out more of the Regnard brothers' work at their WEBSITE // BLOG.

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