Focus: Emily Knecht

Focus: Emily Knecht

An LA-based photographer who'll make you forget summer's almost over.

Sometimes (see: most of the time) simpler is better. And that's not to say California born'n'raised photographer Emily Knecht takes simple photos, but in the shots below you'll get what we mean. There's no fuss about them, just her beautiful surrounds and the beautiful people around her. This combination of the female form and American landscapes is simply incredibly pleasant to look at, keeping the focus on its subjects and emitting a sense of freedom that makes us very happy on this slow Thursday afternoon. Check out more via Emily's WEBSITE.










Mercury Mirage by Andy Faraday

A dreamy editorial from West Australian photographer Andy Faraday ft. Jessica Jade and Racheal Percival.

4 years ago

Aly Turska by Sergio del Amo

Bangkok based Sergio del Amo shoots model Aly Turska

4 years ago

Focus: The Death of Youth

Sometimes we think we have really super awesome jobs... then someone like Giovanni pops up and we don't feel so solid anymore. We had a chat to him about his project and got an insight into how he manages to get through each day...

6 years ago

Sophie Longford by Chi Yan

London based photographer Chi Yan shoots model Sophie Longford.

4 years ago