Angelique by Angie Osman

Angelique by Angie Osman

20 year old Sydney based photographer, Angie Osman is one we think you should keep an eye on.

20 year old Sydney based photographer, Angie Osman was one of the first to submit when we did our photographer call-out a while back.. She was very nice to us (read: really inflated our ego) in her email and we think she is one to keep an eye on! / @angieosman

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Rebecca Gatta by Zach McCaffree

She was unfortunately in the hospital the day before that shoot, we agreed it would be inappropriate to not document.

4 years ago

'Girl Gang' By Amanda Leigh Smith

Hanging out with Canada-based brand Born A Bad Seed at their new Vancouver headquarters.

4 years ago

Charlotte Park by Megan Doherty

A luscious set from Northern Ireland based Photographer, Megan Doherty.

4 years ago

Isabelle by Madison McLerie

Another soft and beautiful series by young Perth based image maker, Madison McLerie.

5 years ago