Amie Milne for Pilerats

Amie Milne for Pilerats

A brilliant editorial shot and put together by photographer Amie Milne and her team exclusively for Pilerats.

AmieMilne Image1 PileratsEditorial 

Topshop skirt.

AmieMilne Image10 PileratsEditorial

PVC top, stylists own / MNG skirt.

AmieMilne Image11 PileratsEditorial

Sports pants, stylists own / Levante stocking worn on head.

AmieMilne Image5 PileratsEditorial

Chloe jacket / Topshop vest / Bonds underwear / Topshop sneakers

AmieMilne Image12 PileratsEditorial

Mink Pink customized mesh shirt / American Apparel bandeau / American Apparel underwear / Topshop jeans, worn inside out.

AmieMilne Image13 PileratsEditorial

Acne blazer / Customized stocking worn over American Apparel bandeau / Sports pants, stylists own.

AmieMilne Image14 PileratsEditorial

Les Prairies des Paris shirt, from Grace Boutique / Ines & Marechal leather leggings, from Grace Boutique.

AmieMilne Image2 PileratsEditorial

American Apparel bra / Grace maxi dress, from Grace Boutique.

AmieMilne Image3 PileratsEditorial

Steven Alan shirt, from Grace Boutique / Evil Twin Pants / Elle Macpherson underwear.

AmieMilne Image4 PileratsEditorial

American Apparel mesh bodysuit / American Apparel customized turtleneck tank top.

AmieMilne Image6 PileratsEditorial

Valleygirl jacket / Mother jeans, from Grace Boutique / Levante stockings.

AmieMilne Image7 PileratsEditorial

Stylestalker shirt / Bonds cottontail underwear.

AmieMilne Image8 PileratsEditorial

Vintage overalls

AmieMilne Image9 PileratsEditorial

American Apparel mesh bra / Target strapless bra



MODELS: Ellie Lemons @ Viviens Model Management (

Meg Doyle @ Viviens Model Management (

Georgia Herrod @ Viviens Model Management (

Elle Graham @ Chadwick Models (

FASHION: Sophie Barker @ Miss Bossy Boots (

BEAUTY: Karen Bicchierai @ Viviens Creative (


Studio 204 (

Grace Boutique (

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