I Didn't Want Flowers, I Wanted You To Fuck Me

I Didn't Want Flowers, I Wanted You To Fuck Me

An art show exploring women's mental health through emerging female artists.

I Didn't Want Flowers, I Wanted You To Fuck Me is an upcoming Sydney art show focused on emerging female artists who themselves are suffering from mental health issues. The exhibitionĀ aims to provide a safe space for each artist to creatively express their experiences with anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder, and addiction. Safe spaces for these female artists to showcase their work without prejudice can prove extremely difficult, and this fact pushed activitist for women and young people in the arts Anthea LeBrocq to put together this exhibition.

The exhibition will feature work by Lizzie Nagy, Leah Jean, Ellie Rose Rodd, Amelia Rose, Georgia Denton, Ellen Virgona, Alexis Aquino, Anthea LeBrocq, Maddy Carroll, Maddy Young, Susanna Rose Sykes, Arielle Nguyen, Renae Titchmarsh, Naomi Beveridge and Alice Amsel. Taking over the TAP Gallery in Darlinghurst from October 13-19. Here's a few examples of the stunning pieces that will be on display:

Alexis Aquino 4
Alexis Aquino

alice amsel 2
Alice Amsel

Amelia Murray 3
Amelia Murray

Arielle Nguyen 2
Arielle Nguyen

Ellie Rodd 1
Ellie Rodd

Georgia Denton 2
Georgia Denton

Leah Jean 1
Leah Jean

Madeleine Carroll 3
Madeleine Carrol

Renae Titchmarsh
Renae Titchmarsh

susanna sykes 1Susanna Sykes

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