Text Message Interview: Troye Sivan

Text Message Interview: Troye Sivan

The Troye Sivan express charges on with his debut EP, TRXYE, out now.

19-year-old internet sensation Troye Sivan in the last few weeks has been proving worthy of his hype, releasing his first official single Happy Little Pill to chart-topping success, and - on a much smaller scale, obvs - crashing our own website when we were premiered this Happy Little Pill's killer remix from Melbourne trio Casper Zazz. With his debut EP TRXYE out now (buy it HERE), Troye jumped on the iPhone with us to try and get our heads around what's been a massive year for the WA-based gun:

[Update - TRXYE just went to #1 in 55 countries - whoa]

troyesivan text v2 5

troyesivan text v2 6

troyesivan text v2 7

troyesivan text v2 8

Troyve Sivan - Happy Little Pill Video Clip: HERE

Troyve Sivan - Happy Little Pill (Casper Zazz Remix): HERE

Heaps more rad music: HERE

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