Friday Freebie: Paces - Can't Touch Me feat. Madeline Vida

Friday Freebie: Paces - Can't Touch Me feat. Madeline Vida

It's ya boy Paces with a dope new original.

I was about to write something like, "around these parts we're big fans of Mikey Perry AKA Paces", but I've written it so many times, you get the idea. Plus I've written it again now anyway, soooo yeah. I digress...

Paces has just released his new single, and it's another top shelf release from the Surecut Kid, which sees plenty of the signature sounds we've come to expect - kalimbas, bright chords, pop vocals, a bitta Jersey bounce - but it also feels like he's growing more and more comfortable with what 'Paces' is about, whilst also expanding on it and keeping it super-fresh. Basically, it's fucking great, listen for yourself below, and download it for FREE via the good chaps at Die High Records.

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