Caribou Mega Mixtape

Caribou Mega Mixtape

Nothing to listen to today? That’s cool, Caribou has made you a playlist of 1000 tracks.

Is this one of the hugest mixtapes of all time? Canadian producer Caribou, the producer behind one of the most emotional dancefloor tracks of 2014, Can’t Do Without You, has curated a 1000 track playlist, called 1000 Songs For You, today, as a means to give props to all the fans who’ve gotten behind him. “Roughly speaking, this is a musical history of my life,” says Snaith of the eclectic playlist, that goes literally everywhere: Moodyman, Can, Usher, Pusha T, The Zombies, Kanye West, and more.

He’s asked us all to listen to it on shuffle, and hopes people will also send in their own suggestions, “in the hope (that) this becomes a dialogue rather than a monologue.” Caribou, you are such a nice guy. Read his post / stream the playlist below.


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