Pilerats Records asked our latest and greatest signing, Perth four-piece Hideous Sun Demon, how they’d like to be described, and they (legit) said “A LO-FI LIMP BIZKIT”. And who are we to argue?

We’ll add our own observation to the pile though – what drew us to the Demons is the way they conjure up the classic punk gods of yore but at the same time channel something altogether wild and futuristic. Hideous Sun Demons’ music personality seems borne from the bowels of our nation’s colourful music history, and in particular 70s Aussie pub-rock - essentially the excitement, brashness and glam of Skyhooks - and plated it up for a 2016 audience.

Even better, Hideous come served with a side of endearing, self-deprecating honesty and humour - the kind the classic Australian psyche has been built on.

Best experienced live; onstage the Hideous enigma unravels into a tangible, terrifyingly terrific experience, with all band members bringing an acute level of showmanship and impressive hair-length to the table. Audiences are instantly drawn to lead singer Vincent, whose highly animated presence recalls the ‘great Australian frontman’ – he’s a Nick Cave or Peter Garrat in-the-making.

But we've said too much already, take in their first release on Pilerats Records, Bad Girl, below, and go rock the fuck out to them on a dancefloor near you:

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