Sasha Grey Reads Filthy Sexts

Sasha Grey Reads Filthy Sexts

Adult star turned actress Sasha Grey reads filthy texts in promotion of her new Internet-centric thriller Open Windows.

Open Windows is Spanish director Nacho Vigalondo’s most ambitious film to date: the director has previously been behind low budget 2007 thriller Timecrimes, and contributed a work to The ABCs of Death, a 2012 anthology of 26 different horror shorts. Open Windows stars Elijah Wood as a man named Nick, an unassuming fan of a prolific actress (Sasha Grey) who is forced into a kidnapping scheme by a psychotic hacker.

Open Windows sits comfortably in that cache of films dealing with society’s obsession with celebrity – Being John Malkovich, Bling Ring, The Truman Show, Somewhere, and I’m Still Here being other notable examples in recent filmic history. Where it departs from these films, however, is in its exploration of celebrity in the Internet age. It’s also more stylistically ambitious: the whole film takes place on an Internet browser screen – not just a gimmicky move but central to the film’s themes of privacy.  


It’s actor Woods’ second indie concept thriller of late – in Eugenio Mira’s Brian de Palma-esque offering Grand Piano, Wood plays a concert pianist whose comeback performance gets hijacked by a sniper with a secret agenda. The two could be companion pieces of sorts, both dealing with a hero under psychological duress. As for former adult star Sasha Grey, the film will hopefully allow us to see her cover more of the complex acting territory she proved capable of in Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience.  

As part of the Internet-centric film’s promotion, Sasha Grey has teamed up with Machinima ETC to record an instalment in their ‘Creepy Text Theatre’ series. It involves Grey reading aloud some of the creepiest and most vile sexts ever sent. Stuff that even in her time as a porn star, she’d not heard before: while delivering the come-ons, gathered from posts on Reddit and dating sites, Grey asks, “This sh--t's real? Where do you guys find this?!”.

Watch the segment below:

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