Is This The Defining Photo Of Our Festival-Going Generation?

Is This The Defining Photo Of Our Festival-Going Generation?

When the mood strikes, it strikes.

Overnight saw what could be the photo that defines the world's festival going generation in one single snap. Taken at Roskilde Festival, casual punter Michael Scheer Nissen submitted the below photo for the world's viewing pleasure to the Roskilde Facebook page of a couple having some casual fun in the middle of the crowd at a stage where we can only assume some spectacularly baby-making music was going down. Clearly unable to take themselves away from what must have been some amazing music, the mood struck, and struck hard.

festival sex 2

And of course, in our digital age, there's multiple angles. This is only one of what we can assume is hundreds of photos, featuring the couple having the best time, and not really worried about who was privvy to it.

festival sex 5

One can only hope this doesn't spur on punters already planning ahead for the Australian Festival summer to try and top it. Because let's be honest, while everyone loves a good roll in the hay, a grassy pit of human waste, empty beer cans and mud is not the kind of hay anyone should be romping around in.

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