Premiere: A new player enters the BNE hip hop scene in Wolf Henson and new single, Get It

Premiere: A new player enters the BNE hip hop scene in Wolf Henson and new single, Get It

Brisbane's hotbed of rap talent continues to expand.

Wolf Henson is an alt-hip hop artist from The Blue Mountains NSW, but he's now based in Brisvegas, putting him squarely amongst a burgeoning group of young hip hop acts we talk about frequently on Pilerats. Bringing a background in good old fashioned rock'n'roll, Wolf Henson turned his attention towards hip hop around the age of 18, producing beats for rappers in his home state, whilst also honing his craft as a rapper in his own right.

Get It is a somber number, underpinned by some strong production, letting Henson tell a tale fuelled by late night drives and drenched in "an overcasting mood..."

"Basically, I wanted to make something completely driven by mood that people could really paint a picture to. Pretty much the song is about driving around nowhere late at night with a person who may or may not be into you. A situation I think most people have been a part of before, I just wanted to make the soundtrack to that."

Mission accomplished:

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