Premiere: The Youniverse unleash an electro-blues stomper in new single, CYAN: SILVER

Premiere: The Youniverse unleash an electro-blues stomper in new single, CYAN: SILVER

The Slovakia-based duo are blending some very intriguing sounds at the moment.

It's not often we cover music out the small Easter-European country of Slovakia, yet here we are introducing you to The Youniverse. Somehow combining the industrial electro of Nine Inch Nails with the blues stomp of acts like The Black Keys and The Kills, their sound is a unique - and bloody great - one.

They've got a new album called CMYK coming out on November 30, and we're stoked to share one of the cuts from it, CYAN: SILVER. It's slinky, slow cut that'll crawl under your skin in no time, be it the commanding vocals, the bombastic guitar riffs, or just the steady thump of the kick drum.

On the album, guitarist Jergus notes, "We really reconciled our Slovak and American influences on this album. Nationalism is a step back, it doesn't belong in music... We want to be able to connect cultures, not divide them. After all, we are all a part of the Youniverse." Until then, you'll just have to grunge along to CYAN: SILVER, below:

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