Introducing Gian and his introspective new single, Open Your Eyes

Introducing Gian and his introspective new single, Open Your Eyes

He's currently traversing around America, but with plenty in the works.

A long haired yahoo from Noosa emerges from the depth of his home studio with a vocoder-infused love letter to his new wife. A song of simple kindnesses laid out in verses and choruses in an easily digestible way. Gian is a one man band, playing the guitar and piano, and producing and singing all off his own fruition. Though currently overseas, Gian is a must-watch on the radar of up and coming Australian artists.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi my name is Gian, I'm a songwriter from Noosa currently situated in America. I was brought up in a family band touring the Australian country side with my older brother, sisters, mum, dad and Border Collie, Domino. I learned everything I needed to learn there and that's what propels me forward today.

Production/writing process?

Production, I use a program called Reaper, mainly because it's free... But it seems to do everything I need it to. I'm in America away from my home studio so this song you're about to hear was just recorded on my laptop with normal sm58 microphones. I used a TC Helicon Voice Live Touch 2 to get the vocal effect.

Songwriting: I write every which way you can imagine. I write poems that turn into lyrics often. I wake up with melodies in my head. I hear killer lyrical lines in my head at times and sometimes I just do the good old 'that's a nice chord' and then build from there.

What do you do outside of music?

Outside of music, I just think of music and ideas all the time. I don't know how to not be thinking of new ways to do this or that. But I think visually a lot and so consequently I've found a love for photography and cinematography. I love making films and editing/colouring them.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

Rest of the year is, finish traveling/touring the US of A. Doing a drive from Chicago to California in the fall and vlogging/filming/making music at all the stops on the way in our friend's little Prius. Really looking forward to the experience and see what comes out musically from there.

Coming home: working like crazy to get my gorgeous wife into the country and then making the move to Melbourne. All before Christmas!

Where can we hear more of your music?

SOUNDCLOUD, FACEBOOK, or YOUTUBE with Apple Music and Spotify coming very soon!

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