Five Minutes With: Tensnake

Five Minutes With: Tensnake

The German house don is currently in the country for a bunch of shows.

By Jack Cain.

Tensnake sits in a league only very few other modern house producers sit in, and that is, one of his own. The masterpiece that is Coma Cat really set the stage for the German producer to take over the world, and since then he's been doing just that, releasing a bunch of great tunes, and adapting his sound to take current trends within house music and make them uniquely his. As he hits the old dusty trail down under, we had a quick little ‘shoot the shit’ by asking him a bunch of short'n'sweet questions ranging from his favourite fast food to his favourite phone game.

What’s your favourite Australian fast food?

I think it has to be meat pies! They are pretty, pretty good, also perfect hangover cure.

How do you survive the day after a big gig?

By drinking heaps of water and dragging my wounded body to the airport and getting excited about the next gig. 

What’s your favourite clothing brand to wear on stage?

It is changing all the time. Usually I wear a mix of Acne and unbranded clothes.

Favourite emoji?

The one that is not there yet: the disco ball!

Drink of choice while partying and while chilling?

Party: G&T and beer. Chilling: Green smoothie or Old Fashioned.

Favourite phone game?


Favourite album of all time?

Beach Boys - Pet Sounds or Marvin Gaye - What’s Going On.

Most important item to pack before you go on tour:

My passport.

The worst date you’ve been on?

I really can’t complain, guess I was lucky so far. I hope the ex-dates would say the same haha!

Worst hotel experience?

Luckily my team makes sure that I am avoiding these.

An Australian artist you’ve got your eye on?

I was hanging out with the RUFUS guys earlier this year. They are very nice. I also like Harvey Sutherland’s music and pretty much every edit that Late Night Tuff Guy does, and also the Touch Sensitive stuff.


Thursday 19 November: Your Paradise, FIJI

Friday 20 November: Strawberry Fields, VIC

Saturday 21 November: Harbourlife, NSW

Sunday 22 November: The TBC Club, QLD

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