Andrei Eremin launches new project Ghosting, with Spirited Away-influenced debut single

Andrei Eremin launches new project Ghosting, with Spirited Away-influenced debut single

A new alias from Australian music wunderkind Andrei Eremin, takes influence from the minimalist soundtracks of Hayao Miyazaki.

Inspired by the beautifully minimalist soundtracks of Studio Ghibli's Hayao Miyazaki, Ghosting is a beautiful new project by Australian all-rounder Andrei Eremin, who has gained quite a name for himself as renowned music engineer and producer. His debut instrumental mixtape, Reimagining Miyazaki, is exactly what it sounds like - Eremin taking the soft instrumentals of some of Studio Ghibli's most iconic films and bringing them forward to 2017. The first of the mixtape's songs, One Summer, arrives today and simply put - it's brilliant. In One Summer, Eremin takes influence from Spirited Away, with a Dilla-esque instrumental sound that masterfully layers hip-hop percussion with broken deconstructed piano chords, which twist across the single's short duration. Paired with short takes from the original film, Ghosting's reimagination perfectly executes its purpose in the most beautiful way possible, and we're loving it.

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