Premiere: Meet Spit Chewy and their sensational second single, Jimmy

Premiere: Meet Spit Chewy and their sensational second single, Jimmy

The Wollongong four-piece have gone from strength to strength since their debut single arrived earlier this year.

Earlier this year, we got a look-in at the future of Wollongong's bustling rock scene through rising four-piece Spit Chewy, who with their debut single Grunge Is My Religion, set themselves up very nicely for an explosive 2018. The track, soaring with its thick guitar melodies and hazy vocals, was the latest proof of Wollongong's rise as an epic-centre for heaving, guitar-soaked music that really packs a punch – see DROVES, Tropical Strength and Cry Club for other examples – while also proving that the band are one to be excited about, offering something a touch different from the rest of the pack to firmly place them on just about everyone's radar. The time since their debut single has seen the band go from strength to strength, supporting names including The Preatures and Moaning Lisa, while a raved-about slot at Yours & Owls defined them as a rising force on the live circuit too, matching the energy and fierceness of their Illawarra counter-parts and comparables Hockey Dad.

Away from their live shows, Spit Chewy prove themselves to be something different; their music acting as the meeting point for a range of clearly evident influences that span from No Doubt's pop-tinted alt-rock to the slick new-wave of Blondie, something their second single and long-awaited follow-up, Jimmy, continues to flex. Thick with this washed-out, DIY haziness, the track opens with a nod to the more pop-rooted sounds of their influences, with soft vocals matching a subdued, teasing guitar melody that eventually, in the single's most climactic moments, opens up into a charging chorus rich with power and vigorousness.

It comes at a time where the band are being dubbed Wollongong's next best thing, so watch Jimmy's official video clip (which was filmed, produced and performed by the group themselves) and get to know them a little bit better below.

Tell us about yourself?

Hi! We’re Spit Chewy, a bunch of bright-eyed kids from the Gong who just finished their HSC. Three of us went to high school together and awkwardly met at a party. We’ve been playing music together for almost a whole year now and have become amazing friends ever since!

What’s the vibe music-wise?

We all take influence from heaps of places/decades but are all kind of drawn together by both loud and soft guitar dynamics with anthemic-feeling melodies. We’ve recently introduced keyboard into our live set to give our songs a meekness and atmosphere. Annabelle writes about heaps of unassuming things and weird sentimental moments in life so in that sense the songs are definitely full of thought.

What are your production and writing processes like?

We have this little un-airconditioned garage we sit in and work on Annabelle’s songs. That garage is such a great place for us and occasionally becomes a second home. We can sit in there for hours and just completely lose track of time which is fun. Our music is a big collaborative effort from all of us and we really enjoy feeding off of each other’s energies and ideas to make our songs.

Can you tell us about your new single, Jimmy?

Anna: My only brother lived for eight days and it was before I was born, but I think I wrote this song from the subconscious, in a wish to communicate with him. Jimmy wasn’t his name, but I just chose that in an instant because it's a familiar Aussie name that may strike a sense of tragic familiarity. Although Jimmy might seem like a sad song, it’s definitely aimed to be an uplifter...

Any shows coming up?

We are so lucky and thankful for all the shows and opportunities we’ve been given and are prouder than anything to say we’re going on our first ever tour with the lovely Maddy Jane and the fighting force that is Eliza & the Delusionals, starting this week and going into December. We’ll be stopping by Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney and it’s going to be a blast. We’re also apart of a really cool event called ‘The Collective’ that’s happening at The Lansdowne Hotel in Sydney on December 8th. It’s a line up full of amazingly talented female-fronted bands and we’re thrilled to be apart of an event sharing the same ethics as we do on equal opportunity in the Australian music scene.

What’s the rest of the year have in store for you?

We’ve still got a few plans incoming before we pop up the Christmas trees and call it a year. We’re working towards recording an EP and when we’re not occupied by shows, work or travel and we’re still always very busy in that garage writing songs.

Where can we find more of your music?

Everywhere! On all the streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music as well as triple j Unearthed. Our music videos are also up on YouTube and our Facebook page :)

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