Premiere: Hayden Calnin shares a beautiful new single, We Can Take Our Time

Premiere: Hayden Calnin shares a beautiful new single, We Can Take Our Time

The subtly beautiful new single highlights the complexities of relationships in a way only someone like Calnin can.

Header image by Jack Stafford.

We've spoken about the beauty of Hayden Calnin many times over the years, whether it's the earlier work that defined his place amongst the Australian indie-esque world - particularly EPs such as City and Oh, Hunter back in the first half of the last decade - or what he's been up to recently. Of late, it seems that the Melbourne-based musician has taken things to the next level, showcasing his evolution in plucking the beauty of music and emphasising it better than perhaps anyone else in Australia can, soundtracking the highlights and lowlights of the world around him through dizzying, often-twinkling folk-pop.

As mentioned, the past twelve months have delivered some of Calnin's most spectacular work to date; his songwriting reaching a near-new level of potency that really elevates him to the upper echelon of musicianship. On his Fuck Collingwood-led latest EP (last year's A Life You Would Choose), his knack for highlighting the emotions that underpin his work reached its fever pitch, and on the Pilerats-premiered Unfortunate Love earlier this year, he did it again through close friend and collaborator Harrison Storm; their partnership together marked as a somewhat cathartic release full of therapy for both halves of the collaboration.

Today, Hayden Calnin returns once again with another song that showcases how he can take often-relatable moments in his life - relationship complexities, in this case - and turn them into slow-stirring moments of beauty, with We Can Take Our Time arriving as somewhat of a soundtrack for the mental battles that often come with relationships, and especially so when they reach a transition-like period.

On a surface level, the song features Calnin at his best. Instrumentally, it layers a gradually-building acoustic guitar melody with harmonising choirs and other flashes of subtlety in a way not too dissimilar to Bon Iver, both in the way that the single's instrumental navigates these musical ebbs and flows quite naturally, but also in how Calnin's vocal works alongside it; moving in between the single's instrumental with a soothing tone that really wraps around you like a warm hug.

Deeper down, We Can Take Our Time - as mentioned - reflects on a transition period in one of Hayden Calnin's relationships, detailing the complexities of love both on a surface level, and deeper down on a personal note. "Trying to pick something up where you once left it can be a challenge," he says on the single, which arrived with a video made by Calnin and starring an enchanting Daisy Calnin. "People grow and their ideals change as time passes, and this song is really about navigating your way through that with someone, and learning how to love someone again when you feel like you’ve been away from each other for such a long time. Learning new trust, learning new feelings, learning distance and rediscovering your closeness with someone.

"This song is an expression of that in my own life with someone I love a lot."

Take a dive into the track and its official video clip below:

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